It’s no secret that the name of the game with social media is standing out. Utilizing tools available to you can significantly help with editing and creating social media content. We’ve spent years researching and sifting through the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to apps that will help you up your social media game!


The Best Tools to up your Social Media Game Capcut logo

CapCut is one of our favorite apps for creating Instagram Reels. A vital part of the social media game, Reels are a fantastic way for businesses to increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales. We have more blog posts deep diving into Instagram Reels, including Why are Reels performing better?

Some of our favorite features of CapCut include their transition and audio captioning tools. They each create a seamless look to your video. There are also great tools like the ‘Split’ option that allow you to easily cut down specific sections of a video. Overall, CapCut is incredibly user friendly and a great way to create edited and professional videos for your social media pages.


The Best Tools to up your Social Media Game Mojo logo

Another great tool for video editing, Mojo has templates for Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and more. With thousands of templates to choose from, the ability to make transitions, add text and animations, Mojo makes it easier to create a nice looking video. Mojo is slightly less known, but that means there are less people using the same templates you are.


Canva lgo

A tried-and-true tool, Canva can be used for making amazing graphics to post on social media. Better for organic content and static images, Canva has templates, text, image, and graphic elements to be used. A great way to up your game with in-feed posts, designing graphics to promote your brand can excite customers and further raise brand awareness.


ChatGPT logo

An AI computer program, ChatGPT can be helpful with writing captions for your post. This program takes your own words and edits them into a clearer message with key words. Unlike other AI programs, this program has been highlighted as being the most human-like so far. A step further into the future of social media, ChatGPT may be a fun way to explore the world of artificial intelligence with your own business.

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