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Show us a business in today’s business landscape who doesn’t need a digital presence and we’ll…well, we don’t know what we’ll do because it’s never happened. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been around for generations but the family biz needs a facelift, we specialize in helping small businesses and startups propel and curate their online presence. Keep scrolling to find out what on earth that entails!
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PR agency in Texas

Marketing & Advertising

While these two terms are becoming increasingly interchangeable, for us it encompasses a wide variety of services. While we are big fans of organic growth and find it to be a successful route for some of our small business clients, if you’re ready to step your game up and implement a paid advertising strategy, we’re here to help you navigate the murky waters of digital ads. With clear cut goals and laser-sharp strategy, we’ll succeed together!

Social Media Management & Digital Marketing

To keep you top of mind across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, plus email marketing and website content development.

Branding & Design

To brand your company or business, develop a new or fresh logo, and design marketing materials that help you stand out in a crowd.

Media Buying

To help you navigate traditional advertising mediums or paid digital advertising for the furthest reach to your exact clientele.

Media Relations

As much as we love the digital frontier, there’s still nothing quite like seeing your name in the paper or scrolling across the television screen. When you’ve got news that will knock the public’s socks off, we want to help you share it, and then we’ll help you leverage that coverage for maximum exposure across a variety of platforms. Like the bees say, it’s all about cross-pollination. When you’re ready to generate some BUZZ (pun intended), we’ll spread the word to journalists near and far!

Press Releases

To tell the media what you’re all about.

Media Alerts

To tell the media what you’re up to.


To local, regional, and national outlets in a wide variety of mediums.

PR agency in Texas
PR agency in Texas

Community Programming

Community is one of our core values at Haute in Texas, and it’s purely because we love it so. We’re connectors at heart, so helping your brand find its place amongst the right audiences, both in person or virtually, thrills us to no end. And since our humble beginnings were in the form of a blog, influencer marketing has and will continue to be one of the most rewarding and results-driven services we offer. If you’re ready to get out there, let’s talk!

Events Planning

To connect you with your audience, in person or virtually.

Influencer Marketing

To connect you with bloggers and other social brand ambassadors who can amplify your message.

Special Appearances

To position you and your business as the expert in your field or industry with guest features both in person or virtually.