If you’re on social media at all, you may have noticed a recent change in the Instagram platform. If you haven’t you may be more aware after reading this blog. Instagram Reels have had a major explosion in the last few months, and many marketing professionals feel like that’s all we ever see. On our explore page, and in-feed posts the majority of what is being shown to you these days are Reels. Let’s explore why that may be.

What are Reels?

We first have to start with what Reels are. Derived from the idea of film reels, Instagram reels are short videos or clips, with a sound over them and can display text or just include a caption. On the Instagram app you have the option to post a reel with the rest of your feed posts, or only under the ‘Reels’ tab of your page. It goes without saying that if Reels now have their own section on the Instagram app, they must be important.

Why do they perform better than static photos?

There could be a lot of reasons why Reels are seeming to perform better than Instagram’s signature still image content. For one, the Instagram algorithm is pushing them out a lot more. They will show up on people’s Explore Pages that don’t follow you a lot more often than an image post. Another reason is that they are more attention-grabbing. Videos are more interactive and give a lot more information than an image. If a picture says a thousand words, then how many does a video say? Engagement is such a large part of Instagram, that posting content that will draw your audience in more is what is going to give you the views, likes, and follows you’re aspiring to get.

Is Instagram the new TikTok?

Why did Reels take off, though? What sparked the change in the Instagram algorithm that made Reels burst all over our feeds? My assumption; the TikTok effect. TikTok videos are normally short, and can go viral in minutes, reaching millions of people and getting millions of likes. People like Charlie D’Amelio have made careers and names for themselves by posting dancing videos on TikTok. You can read more about TikTok in our Why is TikTok Taking Over? blog post. The point I’m getting at, though, is that video content like what we see on TikTok has other apps like Instagram sweating to recapture their users’ attention. Thus, Reels were born.

Reels Inspiration

If you’re ready to dive into the world of Reels, here is some inspiration and ideas for you to get started.

  1. Quick video clips. Short clips of an event your business is hosting, or your favorite items on sale with a trending audio over it will definitely do well in the video world. People love quick, high quality clips that require no thought and are enjoyable.
  2. Voice-overs! Have your own voice talking over clips of products or whatever your video is showing. This is an interactive and personal way to connect with your audience while keeping the video moving and not boring anyone.
  3. Lip-syncing to an audio is another fun video idea! Popular audios with a character’s voice or someone saying something relatable will catch an audience’s attention. It is also a great opportunity to be on camera and connecting with the audience without the pressure of racking your brain on what you can say. Add text over the video that pertains to your business and voila, you have yourself a Reel!

Key Takeaways

  • Keep it short! Videos over a minute long are more than likely not going to keep current or future followers watching. Instead, focus on key points you’d like to make and stick to those.
  • Also, keep track of what’s trending and jump on it. Posting videos at the height of a trend will make it more likely to be seen by more people.
  • Lastly, stick to a prompt. If your idea isn’t working with a trend don’t force it. You can come up with another video idea or wait until you do have an idea that will fit. You want your post to feel organic, never forced.

About Megan Valco

Megan Valco is an Account Assistant at Haute In Texas. Currently attending UTSA, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communications. Her hobbies include enjoying day trips to Fredericksburg and the beach, painting and finding new thrift stores to shop. After graduating, her aspirations have no limit as she plans to continue working in the PR and Marketing world, as well as, traveling and living across the U.S. and abroad.