Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest and most widely celebrated holidays of the year. It is a fantastic chance for your company to raise awareness about your brand and reach top goals for sales. Now is the perfect time to be putting your Valentine’s sales strategy together and preparing your marketing materials or social media content, so you can gain the most from this day of love. Our team has come together to share our most strategic ways to market for Valentine’s Day sales!

Be Inclusive

Targeting a wide range of individuals is imperative. It’s important to be inclusive towards those in romantic relationships, individuals who want to show affection towards family and friends, or the single folks just looking for some self care. This is a great way to ensure your products are not only attainable, but that people really want to buy them. We have compiled a list of groups to consider when creating your marketing strategies.

  • Unmarried men in relationships.
  • Galentines, which includes ladies and friend groups!
  • Single individuals. Self-love is a big part of this. To keep your strategy from being too cliché, tie in some ideas like Subscriptions where their gift to themselves can keep on giving.
  • Gifting for mothers and family members.
  • From parents to their kids.
  • Kids to their teachers and/or classmates.

Promoting Relevant Items

Promoting relevant items is clearly an important consideration when considering a Valentine’s sales strategy. Some ways you can promote your products are creating a Valentines Occasion tab on your website, sending out email newsletters, and creating social media content. These digital marketing types are great for all groups because it creates an ease of browsing products.

When putting together the items your company wants to feature, consider the groups above that we listed. What products do you feel appeal to those groups the most?  Depending on what your company sells, your product list can be long or short. What’s important, though, is keeping that feeling of ease.

Another way to promote products and consider the audience you’re targeting is gift guides. Gift guides are a fantastic way to mesh together ideas that buyers can use when making purchasing decisions. It also makes it easy for a client to visualize what they’re purchasing, without having to put too much time or effort into it. Below, we included an example of a gift guide we created for our client, Cultivate & Bloom. It pairs possible bouquet choices together in a way that is simple and easy to look at. It also makes it easy to compare different products to others in the same category. This way if you’re shopping for multiple people, or deciding between options, you can see them all together.

Valentine's sales strategy


UGC, or User Generated Content, is another fantastic way to engage with your audience while simultaneously promoting your brand and products. Ways to do this would be resharing Valentine’s Day posts that your consumers tag you in. Encouraging your customers and followers to tag your company, share their products, or use specific hashtags you create is a great way to build up that excitement to share what they purchased. UGC also creates a sense of community and inclusion between consumer and seller. Overtime, a sense of loyalty emerges where customers feel more inclined to support your business because they feel like they are a part of it.

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