Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we want to help you and your business be successful in not only celebrating the mothers of the world, but also celebrating your magnificent Mother’s Day sales! From our PR and Marketing pros, we have some tips your business can utilize to ensure your posts, sales and user-generated content are on point.

Curate a Gift Guide

Showcasing a gift guide for your customers to look for is a user-friendly and fun way to incorporate your products to ensure Mother’s Day sales. Showcasing your brand’s products or services that you think are perfect for Mom is a great way to get your customers thinking, keep your product top of mind, and obviously ideally secure some sales. A gift guide makes it easy for a customer to spot something they like and buy it then, versus having to surf your site. Below we are highlighting a few of our clients who have unique products that are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day. This is also a great style guide example of what your gift guide can look like.

Marketing tips for Mother's Day

Urban Tree Company

Along with residential and commercial tree service, Urban Tree Company. also has a wood shop where they craft and create beautiful hand-made pieces of work. Featured in our gift guide is a Spatula utensil. If your mom loves cooking, this is a practical and enjoyable gift that she will be able to use long after Mother’s Day ends!

In Our Arms Blog

Written by Juli Henderson, In Our Arms Blog touches on topics from daily life to having children with disabilities and diseases. Along with her blog Juli has a shop where she sells candles with a scent that can only be described as delicious. Gift mom the wonderful smelling ‘Breathe’ candle that she can light while curling up with a good book, or to create a calm aroma while tackling her work day.

Jason Dady Restaurant Group Brunch

The Jason Dady Restaurant Group is well-known in San Antonio and for good reason! This Mother’s Day you can choose from Range, Tre Trattoria, or Jardin to treat mom to a Prix Fixe brunch. Whether you’re craving a Tuscan-Italian Steakhouse at Range, Italian inspirations at Tre Trattoria or Mediterranean-inspired cuisine from Jardin, the gift of food can never be beat!

Specials, giveaways & collaborations

Mother’s Day is also a great time of year to participate in specials, giveaways, or collaborations. Whether you want to have a sale to promote your products, or host a giveaway, setting yourself up for success by showcasing your products to your audience is a great way to market your business for Mother’s Day. Sales help people make the decision to complete the purchase because they are saving money. It’s a little push from you to entice them to pull the trigger. Giveaways attract people to participate and engage with your account in hopes that they will be selected. You may choose one winner, but have hundred of entries which not only creates great engagement, but will probably lead to a few sales too. Lastly, collaborations are a great way to build relationships with people in your business, while also promoting sales. For Mother’s Day, partnering with a company that also has products or services for mom while also aligning with your brands values will create more traction for your company, and promote new customer acquisition.

Dedication post

Another great way to honor mom is a dedication post. Whether it’s your own mom or a more general post, being authentic will further connect you to your audience. We personally love seeing throwback images, or even a picture of your mom doing something with your business! Keeping it light-hearted, appreciative, and loving will set a beautiful tone for the day, and show your own mom just how amazing she is.

Megan Valco is an Account Assistant at Haute In Texas. Currently attending UTSA, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communications. Her hobbies include enjoying day trips to Fredericksburg and the beach, painting and finding new thrift stores to shop. After graduating, her aspirations have no limit as she plans to continue working in the PR and Marketing world, as well as, traveling and living across the U.S. and abroad.