‘Tis the season for tips and tricks we must share! With the holidays comes amazing sales, and a plethora of advertisements and announcements. Getting in on the action while outshining your business opponents is imperative during this season. Some important factors to remember when achieving this are communicating your sales, ship dates and remembering dates to mention.

Communicating Sales

Communicating sales your company has going on is an obvious step. The way you communicate these sales, though, is the important piece of the puzzle. A few ideas for E-Commerce brands to consider are Instagram and Facebook posts, TikTok posts, email newsletters, and SMS texting. As we’ve mentioned in blog posts like, Why Are Reels Performing Better?, Instagram Reels are a great way to get the word out and increase audience engagement. For Holiday Reel ideas, you can checkout our blog post, Tis the Season for Holiday Reels. For storefront companies, you should consider the technological ideas we just listed, as well as using flyers or storefront advertising. The main goal for both is reach. Getting the word out to as many people as possible will help bring awareness not only to your holiday sales, but also to your company.

Something else to consider is WHEN to start posting and mentioning. A good rule of thumb is about two weeks to a month in advance. If your brand is posting regularly then this gives you time to introduce products, mention the type of sale, and give gifting ideas for people to consider. Often, consistency and patience will be the key winners to getting sales over the holidays. Everyone works on their own clock, and reaching the early bird shoppers, and last-minute frantic shoppers is a target goal you should have. Increasing posts the week of each holiday will also help gain reach and exposure, as well as push some urgency, for your brand and the product you’re promoting.

Ship, Ship, Hooray!

The key factors to this season are how and when you announce your sales, as we discussed above, and when the final day to ship is. Receiving the items before the holiday they are shopping for is imperative to all consumers. Your job then, is ensuring clear communication so that consumers know when their last order day is. For E-commerce brands this can be as simple as posting Instagram posts and stories with reminder dates, or adding a note at checkout. A step further could be sending email and SMS reminders. Again, consistency is a helpful tool to avoid confusion, and ensure your customers are informed.

Holi-dates to add to your calendar

  • Hanukkah, December 18th – 26th
  • Christmas Eve, December 24th
  • Christmas Day, December 25th
  • Kwanzaa, December 26th – January 1st
  • Boxing Day, December 26th
  • New Year’s Eve, December 31st
  • New Year’s Day, January 1st

You can also use a Holiday Calendar to be on the lookout for more dates to add to your own calendar!

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