Whatever your job may be, whether 9-5 in an office or working from home at your own pace, one of the most important things you should do is ensure you’re not sacrificing your health for it. Many people measure their worth and happiness based on their productivity in this day and age, but your health at work is also vital to your longterm success. It can be all too easy to work and work until you feel burned out and there’s nothing left to do but have some serious time off to recuperate – especially for women. Many women feel like they have to work harder than men to get ahead, and in some work environments it looks like this is true. The women that are challenged with doing this on top of raising a family tend to have an even bigger mountain to climb, as well. 

Avoiding this in the first place will ensure that you can still work while enjoying a healthy life balance on top of this. Here’s a guide to keeping your health in check at work. 

1. Work For Progressive Companies 

Before you go for a job, make sure you look closely at the company beforehand. Who is on their board of directors? How are they becoming more progressive in 2020? Are they taking steps to ensure everybody has equal opportunities within the workplace? Are women being promoted? Making sure you are working for a company like this is key. You don’t need to work for a ‘perfect’ company, just one that is trying to be better right now. 

2. Prioritize Your Mental Health and Enjoyment 

Make sure that you always prioritize your mental health and enjoyment. Ask yourself: 

  • Is there a way I can make this task more enjoyable?
  • How can I stop taking my work home with me?
  • What self care can I incorporate into each day to recuperate? 
  • Can I plan my meals and batch cook to ensure healthy eating? 
  • Am I prioritizing my sleep?
  • How much of myself am I giving to my friends and loved ones?

Regular, honest self assessments should help you to make any changes you need to as you go. Some weeks will be more stressful than others, but you should never sacrifice your mental health and enjoyment. Try to do a few things for yourself each day, no matter how small. Taking breaks is key, too!

3. Explain Your Situation To Your Employer

If you have circumstances that have changed or you feel are stopping you from performing at your best, be honest and open with your employer. They will appreciate your transparency and may be able to help you in some way. Don’t try to do it all!

4. Stay On Top of Your Health Appointments 

Make sure you keep up with your health appointments even if you think you’re short on time, or you think there’s probably nothing wrong. Any mesothelioma attorney will tell you that many people have become ill at work and not known it for a long time. Don’t put off your check ups!



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