If you want to make sure that you provide an incredible customer experience whenever somebody makes a purchase from you, there are a number of things you can do to make this happen. Below, you’ll find 7 ways to provide an incredible customer experience that could truly make the difference to the overall experience with you. Take a look:

1. Provide Value Before They Are Customers

Start by making sure you provide value before these people are even customers of yours. You can do this by sharing information and providing valuable content that could inform their purchasing decisions and teach them more about the industry. Giving away your knowledge for free may be scary, but it can go a long way to helping you establish yourself as an expert in your niche and encouraging people to work with you. 

2. Make Communication Clear 

Once somebody has purchased from you, ensure your communication is clear. Make sure they know when to expect their product or service, and that they are on the same page. They should get a confirmation email as soon as they have purchased. Some business owners, especially small ones, like to send out thank you emails too. These emails could thank them for their custom and point them in the direction of your blog and social pages if you tend to post interesting content. 

3. Give Multiple Ways To Pay

Multiple ways to pay is going to ensure you’re catering for various customers and that they are more tempted to buy. You can even take payments with your phone when you’re out and about if you need to – there are so many ways that a person can pay these days. Offering payment via paypal, debit/credit cards, and even a pay later option could also ensure you’re catering for everybody. 

4. Figure Out How To Go One Step Further

How can you go one step further than your competitors? Can you provide a discount, a free product, or something else? What helps to set you apart? Make sure you emphasize it. 

5. Listen To Them and Implement Suggestions

Listen to your audience and customers. Respond to them, and let them know that you’re working on the things they bring up to you. You can’t simply ‘build it and they will come’. You need to listen to the people who are following you to provide the best service. 

6. Ask For Feedback Regularly

If you’re not getting feedback, ask for it. It’ll either help you to build your reputation or be a learning curve for you and give you something to improve on. 

7. Understand That It’s The Whole Experience, Not Just The Product

People don’t just want the product from you. They want the experience, whether they know this or not. This includes your communication, how you package the item, any notes or discounts provided, and so on. Make sure you consider the experience from start to finish. 


How will you provide an even better customer experience? Leave your thoughts and ideas below!


P.S. This post is a partner collaboration.