A TikTok ‘it girl’, Alix Earle is one of the leading faces on TikTok for beauty, fashion and lifestyle content. With a current following of over 5 million people, her fame appeared to be overnight. So, what’s her strategy? As mentioned in her TikTok GRWM’s (get ready with me), Earle states she doesn’t know the magic recipe that enabled her to gain so many followers. She does attribute some of her growth to livestreams where she was able to interact with viewers and showcase her personality. Our thoughts: authenticity and connection are two ingredients in this massively successful mixture.


A trend we see with Earle, and with other TikTok ‘it girls’ like Sophia Richie, is that feeling of authenticity when one of their videos comes along your FYP. Talking to the camera and sharing insights into their daily lives allows us to feel like we know the ‘real’ them, rather than an on-screen version. For your own company this is a great take away because that authenticity is what brings in followers and customers. Having a real conversation, even if it’s not in person, goes a lot farther than fabricating a look you think your audience may want to see. Authenticity helps bring people in the door of your business. This is also a great time to try out live streams, whether that be on Instagram or TikTok. Not only will this put you in front of new faces, but it can help grab their attention and showcase who you are, what your business is, and why they should care. We’re not guaranteeing a whopping 5 million followers overnight, but we do see trends pointing towards live streaming being a good way to open your page to more people.


Now that you’ve got that follower or customer in the door, how do you keep them there? Connection. With Earle’s fanbase you see so much engagement, some may say she’s currently amassing the most out of all the TikTok ‘it girls.’ Whether it’s the vast number of followers, the comment section, direct messaging, or even Earle just hanging out with fans she meets while she’s out in public, she has created a sense of community and connection with her followers. Taking time to converse with the people on your page or in your business is a great building block for this. If you can turn customers into genuine connections, you’ll have them for life.

Megan Valco is an Account Assistant at Haute In Texas. Currently attending UTSA, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Digital Communications. Her hobbies include enjoying day trips to Fredericksburg and the beach, painting and finding new thrift stores to shop. After graduating, her aspirations have no limit as she plans to continue working in the PR and Marketing world, as well as, traveling and living across the U.S. and abroad.