I was recently honored to be featured on the Silhouettes of Success podcast with Amber Weitzer, and we recorded just after returning from a trip where I took home lots of life lessons. I was also just getting over a terrible cold, but hopefully you don’t mind my radio voice ha!




Top to Bottom: Aquila shares with us that she loves structure in her days, she is a Type A! She loves what she does, finds her work very fulfilling with the joys of supporting other women doing great things. Talking to her about her sources of support; she connects to female entrepreneurs and business owners with one of her favorites the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). She credits her husband along with a great base of extended family as well.


Eat the Frog: Talking to us about one of her best practices for getting unstuck, Aquila shares an old saying that really brings clarity to the muck we might all go through from time to time…tune in! Discipline and taking it head on are hints of her success in this process with renewed energy and excitement. Another great tip she shares in moving her phone away from her bedside and understand that being unplugged to rest and recharge is necessary. She has an expectation clause in their client agreement to outline the boundaries on the front side and avoid any miscommunication pitfalls, especially given the nature of the business and hyper connected environment we live in. Love this!

Momentum: Aquila gives us the story of how she started her company Haute in Texas, tune in! She started with a blog to make connections, find new friends, and do something she lives which is to write. She launched the company, has a solid team, and recently moved into a new space and is thrilled! She shares a tip on making investments as a small business for coaching or accelerator programs for the team and has found has always been well worth the investment! Yes, it can be scary sometimes without a slush fund for continuing education, but worth it! She has big plans for her brand and is building out franchise opportunities. Tune in for some of the remarkable opportunities they participated in, exciting clients and successes along with their momentum.

Aquila Mendez-Valdez podcast

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Aquila Mendez-Valdez is the Founder and CEO of Haute in Texas, an award-winning PR and Marketing agency which has grown from scratch into a multiple six-figures business. She’s been asked to speak and present to audiences across the US, Europe and Asia, and has been featured in Forbes, in addition to numerous TV appearances, publications, and podcasts. Her blog collaborations and client roster feature some of the world’s biggest brands, including Vogue, Prada, Lincoln, Neiman Marcus, Kendra Scott, Orangetheory, and many, many more. She graduated with honors playing Division I volleyball at Western Kentucky University and obtained her Master’s from Gonzaga University. She serves on various boards for a wide variety of non-profits, and in 2022 launched Haute in Network Agencies, a franchise model to help other women own their own agencies. Aquila and her college sweetheart, Orlando, have two girls and currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.