Carrie Colbert Curate Capital Forbes ArticleI can’t tell you the number of times I’ve worked my tail off to make a client shine with an event, a press feature, or a social media post, and then realized I’ve completely forgotten to document or share about the moment on our own channels. It’s the classic cobbler with no shoes moment – the web designer who never has time to update their own website, the social media manager who never posts on their own accounts, or the PR pro who always forgets to land their own media hits.

Last week was a whirlwind, as they all are, but particularly because we were set to attend our client Curate Capital‘s annual meeting in Houston the day after I spoke at a NAWBO Austin luncheon. As we all know, Texas is BIG, so this meant taking calls in the car over the course of both road trips. Prior to heading to Austin, however, we received word that a Forbes feature on Carrie Colbert (founder of Curate) that we’d been helping to coordinate for months was finally going to go LIVE! The timing couldn’t have been better. She was able to share the good news with her investors the day before they were already set to celebrate her fund raise at one of the chicest venues in Houston, and the article turned out wonderfully.

Fast forward to the day after the Curate luncheon, I’m back in San Antonio and a reporter request on Elon Musk’s worsening Twitter PR crisis comes across my desk just a few minutes before my first meeting of the day. A bit sleepy, I fire off some thoughts and forget all about it. The next time I check my email, my friend and fellow agency owner Saul Hudson had tagged me in a post on LinkedIn. Curious as to what he might be posting about, I clicked over and almost fell out of my chair.

Aquila Mendez-Valdez Forbes Feature Elon MuskNot only was the article LIVE, Forbes contributor and legendary crisis comms Edward Segal saw fit to utilize several of my thoughts in the article amongst many of my peers. The article absolutely made my week, and that was in the midst of a pretty incredible week!

To read more about Carrie’s story, read her full article here.

For mine and many more communications professionals thoughts on Elon Musk, read the article here.

This is the nature of the PR world, y’all, you never know what it’s going to throw at you next. Just enjoy the ride!



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