Hi y’all, Aquila here. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been waiting years to share this news. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to read and write. My mom (because everyone’s mom is their biggest fan) always said I should write children’s books. Throughout high school, I started to find ways to explore my passion, with my favorite English teacher setting us up to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and inspiring me to write more than I ever had before. By the time I went to college, I was set to be a journalism major, but quickly changed to PR because it could allow me to tell stories with a better work-life balance. As things often go, however, I had far more tasks on my plate as I started my career than just writing.

Fast forward to starting my first agency, and one of my first clients was the Luxury Real Estate Summit, hosted by Christina and Tomas Martinez. I’ve told this story many many times before, but I was forever grateful that they took a chance on me, particularly since I was massively pregnant at the time with Issa. If you’ve ever spent time with Christina, you know she is a woman who gets what she wants and settles for nothing less than outstanding in everything she does. She and Tomas has high standards, but they continued to think of me for projects throughout the next several years.

In 2021, though, Christina called me with her craziest idea yet: she was finally ready to write her memoir, and she wanted me to come along with her to ghost write it with her. She had the incredible life story, I had the joy of taking her words and putting my own embellishments on them. We spent hours together, along with her irreplaceable partner in crime Krystal, who lended so much time and talent to this project as well. Between the three of us we slowly started to see the shape of a real book coming together. We traveled to LA for research, we spent a long weekend at the JW writing into the wee hours of the night, and then we sent it off to the editors. And we waited.

The publishing world is still being hit hard by the pandemic and supply chain shortages, so even printing/publishing proved to be a challenge, and the months drug by. But just a few weeks ago, I stepped into a meeting with Christina and Krystal, and there it was: a real, physical copy of our book! It was happening! It was actually happening! We’ve been working behind the scenes for the past few weeks to be ready for our big launch, and I’m beyond ecstatic to share with you that the day is finally here! Shattered Pieces Everywhere is now available!

Now here’s where I need your help! Before the full public debut in paperback & Audible, I want to humbly ask if you would take a moment and please write an official review on Amazon. To help with this, we’ve set the digital version to 99¢ until 11/26/2022.

Here are the steps you can “copy & paste”, feel free to share with friends/family:

1) For 99¢, purchase the Kindle digital, E-book on Amazon here.

2) Select 2-3 chapters from the book, or whatever you feel comfortable committing to, and post your official review.

I realize the holidays can be challenging, so I understand if time doesn’t allow you to submit a review. Either way, I’d like to send you a personalized copy, signed by both myself & Christina. Visit this private page: https://www.christinamartinez.co/ff & include the address you would like me to mail it to.

Thank you SO much for your support and for taking this journey with me! And thank you Christina for giving me the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream with Shattered Pieces Everywhere. My mom thanks you too. 😉


Aquila Mendez-Valdez is the Founder and CEO of Haute in Texas, an award-winning PR and Marketing agency which has grown from scratch into a multiple six-figures business. She’s been asked to speak and present to audiences across the US, Europe and Asia, and has been featured in Forbes, in addition to numerous TV appearances, publications, and podcasts. Her blog collaborations and client roster feature some of the world’s biggest brands, including Vogue, Prada, Lincoln, Neiman Marcus, Kendra Scott, Orangetheory, and many, many more. She graduated with honors playing Division I volleyball at Western Kentucky University and obtained her Master’s from Gonzaga University. She serves on various boards for a wide variety of non-profits, and in 2022 launched Haute in Network Agencies, a franchise model to help other women own their own agencies. Aquila and her college sweetheart, Orlando, have two girls and currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.