It takes less than a minute to form a first impression of an individual when you first meet them, and this rule still applies on Zoom. Of course, as you get to know the person, whether virtually or in person, you may realize that your first impression was correct or incorrect. But the first sight of a person can let you guess whether you would trust them or not. 


How do we come up with a first impression, and what is it based on? It is typically based on a variety of characteristics. It takes the human brain one-tenth of a second to judge someone. While we try to remind ourselves that you can’t judge an individual based on appearance only, sometimes there is no other option. It’s the case of the now hyper-popular Zoom call. As we’ve moved our offices into our homes, Zoom meetings have become an everyday occurrence to reach out to coworkers and clients. Regardless of what you say during the meeting, your interlocutors will take what they see on screen into account to decide whether they trust your input. Therefore, maintaining a trustworthy appearance on screen will boost not only your confidence vote, but also your results. 

Nail that creative and professional office look

You can find a choice of set backgrounds if you wish to hide the fact that you’ve turned your messy bedroom into a temporary home office. However, as more and more people are using custom and template backgrounds, your interlocutors find themselves craving real office settings. It’s a good idea to polish your home office decor for the screen. Professionals are more likely to be impressed by an open plan design that can bring plenty of natural light and depth on screen. You can stage the space with greenery and decor accent, such as framing the webcam to showcase a painting in the background. 

Dress to impress

As popular as relaxed loungewear has become during lockdown, you need to convey the right impression. Your choice of clothes says a lot about you. A carefree and casual approach may seem cute between friends. But when you’re trying to display professionalism and expertise, you may want to put a smart blazer and a white shirt on. Dressing for success can make a huge difference in how others perceive you! It’s best to avoid items that may not be suited to your business. Highly fashionable apparel, for instance, can be suitable for a creative or trend-focused venture. Fitness companies will prefer body confident clothing that enhances both your shape and your positive fitness results! 

You look alert and stylish

Last but not least, wearing makeup on a Zoom call is a no-brainer. But preparing your face for the camera is not the same as applying makeup for your day-to-day life. On camera, your eyes pop out, which is why you want to use eye drops that make them look brighter. A touch of blush will add some colors to your cheeks, as most people can appear pale in the laptop light. Finally, conceal the rings under your eyes and sharpen your chin contour, as this adds definition to your appearance. 

And there you have it: The 3 secrets of making a positive first impression on your next Zoom meeting. From choosing what you want your interlocutors to see from your surroundings and outfits to enhancing your contours, these little tips will boost your confidence on screen.

P.S. This post is a partner collaboration.