Often people are too scared or too worried about the negative impacts their decisions will have, they end up taking the safe route more times than not. To be successful, whether that be in the business world, or just in everyday life, people have to be willing to take uncomfortable, more daunting risks. Sometimes the safe way out isn’t always the right decision. But, is taking risks really worth it? Is the reward greater than the risk itself?

It’s Worth It
Everyone is guilty of not taking risks because they are scared of what could happen if they fail or the risk doesn’t pay off; however, according to Merriam-Webster, taking risks means doing something that may result in failure, loss, etc. People shouldn’t be worried about what is going to happen when they take a risk because they know there is a possibility it could end in failure. And more times than not, it probably will end in failure. That shouldn’t keep people from jumping into risks full throttle and not looking back. When one of those risks pays off, the feeling is like no other feeling in the world. The reward of the risks taken will always be higher than the risk itself. In order to learn something, we must fail, and how will we fail if we always are sitting in our comfort zones never taking risks?

The Pay Off
In the end, everyone is glad they took the risk no matter the outcome. A bad outcome from a high-risk, high-reward situation can result in some major learning points. It can also feed the drive to come back and succeed with another big risk. A successful outcome of a risk will boost the risk taker’s confidence. They will continue to want to take risks and see the successful outcome they have. 

About Erin
Erin is an Account Assistant at Haute in Texas. She is currently a senior at Champion High School as well as a 2 sport varsity athlete: volleyball and track. Erin is undecided on where she wants to go to college; however, she plans on studying and majoring in Sports Marketing as well as playing volleyball at the next level.