Modern businesses are well aware that earth-friendly practices should be an important part of their strategy. Perhaps you need a few tools and pointers to improve your green efforts? If so, these six can help to support your green practices and transform into an eco-friendly business.


  1. Convert to solar power


It’s not unusual for a business to use up a lot of energy, but if you are looking to go greener as a business, it’s well worth converting to a renewable energy solution. Solar power is currently one of the leading renewable energy solutions. Solar tech works by using special semiconductors named photovoltaic cells. When the sun beams down on these special cells, it causes a separation of the electrons and atoms. Solar panels are installed on the roof of your building. Companies will experience cheaper energy costs after making an initial investment in the roofing panels.


  1. Improve your waste management


Wasted materials or time results in a loss of productivity and revenue for your company. What’s more, too much waste can also compromise your green policies. To reduce waste, try using waste management software and focusing on lean principles. Ensure that you do not over- order materials or have too much money tied up in storage.

Besides this, prioritize eco-friendly materials when you are ordering from your suppliers. When you focus on reducing waste across all areas you’ll streamline your business processes overall.


  1. General office supplies


Small changes can make a big difference, so ensure that you keep it green with your general office supplies. Choose LED light bulbs, energy star appliances, and use the cloud instead of excessive amounts of paper. Compost any food waste from the kitchen; introduce a cycle to work schemes; and embrace telecommuting. Simple green practices go a long way!


There are various applications which can further support you with your green practices, so let’s take a look.


  1. iRecycle 


Using the iRecycle app, your businesses can search for recycling guidance and recycling centers. When it comes to recycling, you’ll want to ensure that your business sticks to the right protocol for each type of material. For instance, there are particular rules about e-waste which must be adhered to throughout your practices.


With the iRecycle app, you can stay in the know whether you’re looking to recycle scrap metal, cardboard boxes, or even cooking oil. You can hire various companies to take care of your recycling. Alternatively, you might look into renting a commercial flatbed and driving your waste to the appropriate center.


5 . Forest 


Forest is a productivity app for businesses; however, it’s pretty unique compared to all the other productivity apps on the market. To focus on the task at hand, employees can plant virtual trees (representing that particular task). The Forest app works with an organization called ‘Trees For The Future,’ meaning that staff can use their productivity charts to plant real trees too! There are plenty of great features of the Forest app, including setting productivity goals; learning about your focus habits; and protecting the environment.


6 . Shine 


The Shine app was created to motivate employees to do good things, whether it’s for the planet or the community. The application offers different challenges, including small competitions to make things more fun. A few of the challenges include tasks to improve sustainability, reduce energy usage, or useless motorized transport. With the ‘Eco’ content, staff can improve waste management or prioritize water conservation. There are so many ways to improve your green protocols using the Shine app.

P.S. This post is a partner collaboration.