Covid-19 has been difficult for everybody because no-one knows what they can and can’t do, especially businesses. Some think they should remain open, others are closed, and some are attempting to lean on the power of the internet, with mixed success. If you, the boss, are unsure, your customers aren’t clear, either, which only encourages them not to bother. After all, there’s a lot of hassle involved in shopping currently, so the more obstacles they find, the sooner they’ll abandon ship. Thankfully, the solution to customer confusion is communication. Speaking clearly and openly will relieve the tension. Here are four ways to do it during a crisis.


Update Your Shipping Policies


Delivering to consumers isn’t impossible, but it is different. For example, your traditional courier might not operate during a pandemic, which means you need a replacement. The likes of have stepped up, thanks to their flexibility, yet they can only go so far. To ensure confusion is at a minimum, you must contact your customers and inform them of the new guidelines. Yes, some people will be unhappy, especially if they need their package asap, but the majority should understand. An email blast should do the trick.


Stop Offering Unrealistic Services


Sticking with the topic of shipping, there are services customers have become accustomed to in the past. If they don’t receive their goods in three to five working days, they’ll be angry, and even then, they might not be happy if you’re within the timeframe. Therefore, informing shoppers that next and nominated day delivery solutions are not available could cause a stir. Still, it won’t impact your brand as much as if you offer a quick shipping option and it arrives late. highlights why keeping your promises matters, particularly in a challenging period.


Send Out A Press Release


Press releases have been around since the dawn of time, or so it seems. In many respects, they feel old and outdated, yet the truth is, you can gain a lot from a well-timed statement. Remember that consumers don’t know if you’re open, never mind what time you will close, which is why you should update them. The good news is that you don’t have to send out releases to papers, not if you have a website. Publish it on your blog, and then use social media for advertising purposes and to streamline the process.


Be Tone Consistent


The last thing your brand needs is for an employee to tell shoppers one thing and for another to contradict them as it creates total confusion. The key is to be consistent with your tone throughout, and has tips if you’re unsure. Yes, you can inform people that you’re unsure, and no, it isn’t a rookie error. Not only are the restrictions complicated, but it’s worth admitting you don’t know the answer than lying and getting caught out in a lie.


And, never underestimate the usefulness of openness and transparency. They go a long way, even when the answers aren’t what customers want to hear.

P.S. This post is a partner collaboration.